Mission and Philosphy

The Pinnacle Academy is dedicated to understanding and educating students who have learning differences. In our small classes, their learning differences are accepted and individually supported. However, it is their strengths, interests, and talents that are at the forefront of a Pinnacle education. We are opportunity-makers.
Our Mission
• To empower students with language and learning differences to become independent and successful learners
• To provide a unique and incomparable education that delivers a blended model of multi-sensory, brain-based, and project-based learning approaches that supports the theory of multiple intelligences in learning
• To provide a model program of excellence in the field of alternative, exceptional education and best-practice methods in teaching

Our Philosophy
The Pinnacle Academy was started in 2001 with a clear vision of a private school that could offer an outstanding, special education in a structured, yet nurturing atmosphere. Years later, the school offers a private education to over 100 students and continues to grow and change with each passing year. Today, Pinnacle Academy provides its students with the instruction, inspiration and opportunity to learn and achieve at their highest potential. The school is unique among programs of exceptional education in that it offers a blended approach to teaching and thus, is able to adapt to the unique needs of its diverse learners. We are committed to teaching and treating exceptionalities through research-based, best-practice methods. We continually assess our program and make enhancements to reach our student’s goals and to ensure that our program offers an eclectic approach to learning. We are blessed with teachers who go above and beyond by giving a great deal of personal attention to every one of their students. We are proud of our students and celebrate their individual strengths, talents, and interests which will guide them to succeed at a higher level of academic and personal accomplishment. We believe that a student should look forward to coming to school every day. We also believe that parents should feel a sense of “family” throughout our school’s campus.
To fully appreciate what we do and what makes the Pinnacle Academy unique, we encourage you to visit and experience firsthand the distinctive characteristics of the school. As you tour our campus, we believe you’ll notice the quality of the relationship between student and teacher and the high standard of learning engagement taking place.

Above all, we believe we’ve created an educational institution where students feel confident and motivated to learn, where they are understood and empowered, and where parents are taught to turn obstacles into opportunities. We hope that you will come and visit us.

With children in mind,
Dr. Kirstina Ordetx