Starting Right

We invest a great deal of time, love, and effort into creating a unique learning environment for your child and for the entire class. We recognize the critical importance of early intervention and capitalize on each teachable moment throughout the day.

Pre-K to Kindergarten
The primary focus of our pre-k program is on the acquisition of basic school skills, attending to task within a small group, mechanics of writing/drawing, recognition and identification of various cognitive concepts. The environment will foster increased independence and compliance, while delivering a multi-sensory based curriculum. Children will work on multi-word or symbol combinations, language development, social play interactions, and develop an ability to attend to and participate in a small group learning environment. Our program offers a variety of classes, which are modified to accommodate each child’s particular needs at various stages of development. As a child’s skills develop, he is taught to generalize these skills to group activities and peers by contributing to class discussion and theme-related topics. The curriculum is designed to teach children increased attending and an ability to follow multi-step instructions for the completion of academics, independent centers, and cooperative projects. An emphasis is placed on the emergence of community and participation during whole-class instruction.

Our Pre-K to Kindergarten program offers:
• Bi-weekly speech and occupational therapy instruction
• Daily social skills training
• Daily dramatic play enhancement
• Emphasis on relationship development
• Monthly parent-teacher consultation session