Therapeutic Thursdays

Therapeutic Thursdays were initiated in 2006 as a result of the faculty’s desire for more opportunities to connect with caregivers. The program is designed to allow for each family to receive a scheduled monthly consultation. During this time, caregivers join the student and teacher(s) to review the current curriculum, discuss progress, troubleshoot areas of regression/concern, and to address caregiver questions, as they have been provided to the teacher on the monthly questionnaire. Topics of discussion may include communication, social skills, behavior, pre-academics, developmental milestones, feeding, toilet training, transition readiness, and more. Teachers conduct a live demonstration of the implementation of instructional methodologies and encourage caregivers to support the consistent use of successful strategies across settings. Time is allowed for questions to be answered per the caregiver’s interest. Grandparents, babysitters, and siblings are encouraged to attend Therapeutic Thursdays, as well.