Transitional Kindergarten


This classroom is designed to replicate the curriculum found in a typical kindergarten classroom. Teachers encourage creativity, problem-solving, and social understanding. The focus is on teaching increased independence, team participation, social pragmatics, and gaining attending skills and compliance to be successful in their next educational placement. Children are encouraged to contribute to theme discussions and experiences, engage in conversations to gain information, and follow multiple-step instructions.

The TK program was developed to meet the needs of children who are preparing for a solid kindergarten foundation. It provides a structured, academic learning environment, which offers students an opportunity to gain comfort with the sunshine state standards in curriculum requirements. Children enter next level programs with high self confidence and enhanced abilities. If transition to mainstream education is recommended, parents may choose public or private options.

Small group instruction
• Daily 45 minutes of Orton-Gillingham reading instruction
• Refine concepts in academics, social skills, auditory processing, writing, reading comprehension, conversation skills
• Teacher assessment of need for modifications and/or accommodations

Large group instruction
• Following multiple step instructions
• Care of belongings
• Executive functions and problem-solving skills
• Choral group activities/topics/contributions

New skills
• Attention to details (self correction)
• Journaling skills
• Daily recall extension
• Classroom rules
• “Team” concepts/sports
• Social awareness/rules
• Field trips
• Introduction of science, social studies, art, Spanish, technology