Our Students

Many of our students come to the Summit School after prior experiences in traditional learning environments that did not prove to meet their learning needs. Our program accepts students who are struggling in other learning environments because their reading, writing, and organizational skills do not reflect their cognitive potential. The Summit School curriculum is designed for students who have been identified with dyslexia, expressive language disorder, attentional deficits, auditory processing weaknesses, and/or problems with executive function and study skills. In some cases, our students have been identified as “twice exceptional” and will greatly benefit from our multi-sensory, differentiated approach to learning. Our classes offer a flexible schedule that allows for students to be placed in a remedial or advanced course to address their specific level, style, and pace of learning.

The Summit School is not able to accept students who present with a history of behavioral problems that pose a disruption to the learning environment.

The Pinnacle Academy is a non-discriminatory community dedicated to embracing diversity and respecting students as unique individuals. We welcome students of any race, color, ethnic origin, religion, or sexual/gender orientation.

Our faculty is well-versed in neuro-diversity and out of the box instructional approaches. To read more about student exceptionalities, click on any link below.