Elementary School

Elementary School Academics

Small class size is the formula for success! Students in the Elementary Program spend the day of their core classes with their homeroom teacher and participate in extracurricular activities in the afternoons. Within their classrooms, they receive whole group, small group, and individual instruction in the following subject areas:

• Language arts
• Mathematics
• STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music)
• Social Studies
• Writing
• Reading Intensive

Our student’s evident gains in learning during the elementary years are a result of explicit, direct, and individualized instruction that implements a structured model for all new content:

o Introduce
o Practice
o Review
o Apply

Based on an initial assessment, students are placed in an MSSR group for 45 minutes each day that focuses on Orton-Gillingham instruction or Reading Comprehension. These classes are designed to target reading fluency, decoding skills, comprehension strategies, mental imagery, and a love for reading.
Our student’s curriculum is aligned with the learning benchmarks as established by the State of Florida and our accrediting organizations. Students engage in hands-on learning experiences throughout the day, across all academic areas, with strong attention given to build critical executive function skills (time management, organization, planning, task completion, prioritizing, study strategies) to prepare for middle and high school.

Our faculty believes that student motivation is the key to a productive learning environment. Our brain-based approach keeps students moving and stimulated to apply their full attention and engagement to learning. We teach to the whole child and place an emphasis on creating lessons in a learning environment that fosters problem solving, critical thinking, friendships, collaboration, and a sense of community.