Multi-Sensory Structured Reading (MSSR)

MSSR is our signature program to highlight our student’s need for an intensive focus in three core skill areas: phonological processing, reading comprehension, and college entrance test preparation. We believe that a daily emphasis on these areas will provide the necessary remediation to build a strong foundation for the application of strategies and development of critical thinking skills.

Students in grades 3-11 are assessed in September to determine placement in one of three reading intensives: Orton-Gillingham, Reading Comprehension, SAT Test and Writing Prep. The following assessment tools are utilized to determine appropriate placement:
• Gray Oral reading Test
• Woodcock Johnson Reading Mastery Test
• Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing
• Nonsense Word Test
• San Diego Quick Assessment
• Test of Word Reading Efficiency

Following the assessment, students are placed in an MSSR intensive learning block for 45 minutes daily. This period allows for students to receive explicit, direct instruction in a small group with concentrated instruction on specific skills that are targeted to build a strong reading foundation for struggling students. It is not uncommon for students to enter the Pinnacle Academy with a significant deficit in core skills such as spelling patterns, vocabulary development, and oral language. Our commitment to closing learning gaps begins with mastery of these core skills.