Students are assessed in all subject areas using one or more of the following tools:
• Woodcock Johnson Reading Mastery Test
• Gray Oral Reading Test
• Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing
• Word Identification and Spelling Test
• Kaufman Math and Writing Subtest
• MobyMax
• Writing rubric
• Grade-level standards checklists
• Executive Functions checklist
• IEP with semester progress meeting

Students who have not had a thorough psycho-educational evaluation with intelligence testing may be referred to an evaluator to conduct further assessment to better define areas of specific learning needs, working memory, and to provide for diagnostic information and to enhance our understanding of the student’s cognitive ability.

The results of assessment allow for students to be placed in appropriate classes to provide curriculum that is remedial, grade-level, advanced or a combination. Flexible and individualized classroom placement allows for students to experience an education that supports the needs of diverse learners and students who have been identified as “twice exceptional”.