Non-graded Classes

Non-Graded Class Offerings

Non-graded classes are offered to meet the identified needs of students who demonstrate significant needs for organization and comprehension of subject expectations. Our small class sizes and individualized programming allow for students to advance or remediate in specific subjects at a pace that suits their personal learning style and trajectory of skill acquisition. Students are grouped by ability rather than age or grade level and receive both small group and individualized instruction daily. Helping students to identify areas of strength and talent is an important goal for our faculty. We provide opportunities for students to stretch their interests in specific subjects, an extracurricular area, or through social leadership.

Academic supports are numerous and varied. Individual student needs are assessed to determine which appropriate accommodations and modifications will be implemented to promote student success. Our brain-based, multi-sensory approach to learning has proven to build confidence and increase motivation in the classroom. From read-alouds to role plays…yoga breaks to vocabulary games, this integrative model of learning and movement provides instruction in ways that our students may have never experienced at previous schools.

Social maturity is supported with several, integrated curricula addressing friendships, social problem-solving, self regulation, and perspective-taking. Weekly topics offer activities to support Theory of Mind, Social Thinking ™, and the Six Pillars of character development.

Our faculty carefully monitors each student’s abilities and performance level to determine a suitable post-secondary track and strategic plan.