Social Life

Student social life is an essential and dynamic component to the overall school experience in the Summit School. Outreach, afterschool clubs, sports, and recreational activities encourage friendships, confidence, and a sense of community. We recognize that these opportunities nurture academic, social, and personal growth. We also know that our students may not have had the opportunity to explore their interests in activities outside of the classroom in past schools. We believe that a positive sense of belonging can counterbalance a student’s stress and promote a social-emotional energy that is evident in the classroom and in life.

Character Counts!
The Six Pillars of Character is a framework for teaching good student character and is composed of sic ethical values that we strive to uphold at Pinnacle:
Each of the six character traits is embedded into our curriculum, a focus of weekly Student Government lessons, and discussed in Friday homeroom to encourage a continuum of “campus kindness.”

Student Government
Our Student Government has been designed to support and cultivate leadership through a school-wide community involvement. Participation in the Student Government allows for our middle and high school students to demonstrate their leadership abilities, while recognizing the giving spirit of a “community”. Students may run for elected officer positions or collaborate in one of the committees:

• Community Outreach
• Fundraising
• End-of-the-year trip planning
• Campus Care
• Peer Mentoring

After School Clubs
Clubs are determined by student interest and led by Pinnacle faculty and community volunteers. These classes meet weekly and allow students to uncover their talents and develop friendships.
Chess                                              Anime/Art
Writer’s Workshop                        Photography
Chorus                                            Running
Yearbook                                        Drama
Video Gaming                               Sewing

Intramurals are offered each semester: Basketball (fall) Track & Field (spring)